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Jun. 28th, 2015 09:19 pm
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Name: William Baker, but commonly known under the alias William "Flint" Marko and the codename Sandman.
History: Here.


Sandman has always been plagued by a search for identity which has come packaged with a battle between arrogance and insecurity. Rarely acting completely naturally he tends to assign himself a role and enter into it with extreme enthusiasm and confidence, but when forced to question that role he starts to suffer from anxiety and begins doubt himself. At his core a sensitive and emotional man, he has created complicated and contrasted personae around himself in an attempt to protect himself. Thus he almost always presents himself as a rough, masculine type. The typical man's man of the 60's style, a cigar chomping, beer swilling, eager to battle tough guy with a preoccupation with sports and women. He is often aggressive as a default and considers violence a valid option to solve most problems.

Certainly a great deal of that, his enjoyment of the simple things in life in particular, is truly a part of him. However he possesses a very loving heart that he has trouble finding people to share with. Those he truly cares for, such as his mother, (unofficially) adopted daughter and ex-love Marcy, will be protected from his rougher side. When it comes to people who find themselves in that category he shows genuine shame for his criminal activities. He has a difficulty shaking the idea of buying love, showering his loved ones in gifts and spoiling them as best he can. He can sometimes seem quite starved for affection himself- willing to go to extreme lengths to impress women in particular. He is deeply effected by being rejected or betrayed by these people, driving him to become wilder and colder, more violent, at least for a while. To a lesser extent he is similarly loyal and protective of his friends, often willing to self sacrifice for their benefit even if he quarrels with them incessantly. He is also always seeking the approval of his father, a low life criminal who abandoned his family, yet whom Sandman finds deeply intimidating.

Though few would consider Sandman smart, he is not exactly an idiot. He possesses a creativity and cunning that set him apart from the average criminal even before his transformation, being highly successful as an everyday felon until he became overly emotional. A talent for reading situations and going with the flow has served him well, but is hindered by his tendency to get over confident when things start to go his way. His imaginative approach to things has been useful in his career as both hero and villain, as he still develops new uses for his flexible powers after all this time. But as with his powers themselves, adaptability comes with instability. When his confidence is shaken, he tends to attempt to reinvent himself and each reinvention leads to further self-questioning. That said, the reason he gave up on heroism was actually due to mental manipulation that reverted him to his older persona of Flint over William, but nevertheless his ability to retain a solid self-perception is a natural issue of his. Sandman is unaware this mind control was successful as it made him believe he had been pretending to be good from the start and therefore would think the machine had no effect, but as time has gone on he has had moments of clarity on the subject.

He can never make up his mind for sure if he is good or bad, perhaps because he likes to think of it in simple terms despite living a life where the greyness of morality was apparent, having to steal and cheat to simply survive. Having internalised criminal behaviour at a young age, when he ceases to look at himself he often falls back to that. The real problem lies in that when he wishes to do good, he tries to force himself to be perfect. When he wishes to be bad, he makes himself a card carrying villain. Inability to find balance and self understanding is a main cause of his worries.

Though certainly not all of them. Flint is something of a plutomaniac, as a result of his childhood of poverty and a revelation at a young age that money was ultimately required for everything good in life. The majority of his schemes, especially when working alone, revolve around obtaining a great deal of cash as quickly as possible even when that is not the best plan. This interferes with his attempts to reform, as he still has a fierce obsession with making money, one of the reasons he became a mercenary when he went straight.

Typically he attempts to avoid excessive force and does not often kill, but makes exceptions every now and then. Usually he attempts some sort of bizarre method to get his foes out of his way for a long time (such as affixing anti-gravity discs or freezing them with cryo-rays or just plain chasing them off). Most often when he is extremely emotional over a particularly sore event. He does however not usually let his grudges hang too long. Although he attempts revenge when opportunity presents itself or a matter is particularly personal, he doesn't usually actively pursue it. Most frequently he just prefers to seek a big score that will let him retire, but there have been occasions he's schemed specifically for vengeance. Even when he doesn't much mean them, he will often be found making murderous threats all the same. He's even been known to put enemies in easily escapable scenarios and give them hints as to ensure they'd merely hindered and not killed. But has killed, both purposefully and intentionally, which does not cause him to lose much sleep.

Whilst he often lacks the eloquence and educational context to properly put forward what he means to say, Sandman is rather philosophical and frequently contemplates big questions, usually pertaining to human nature. Well aware of his lacking in knowledge and faculty in academic pursuits, he expresses respect for those that are big brains hence his allegiance to super geniuses over the years.
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Flint hadn't even really considered the dating scene for a long while. It usually just lead to heartbreak and as resilient as he was, he sometimes wondered if he was all heartbroken out. But as was the way of some people who had struggled to know love as a child, he had a huge amount of love to give. Sometimes quite foolishly, especially in his case, but he never thought as such until after everything had gone to Hell. Most of his potential significant others had gone into the relationship wanting something from him, wanting him to provide for them. So it was kind of strange with 'Pam'- she seemed equal parts hostile and distant as she was interested in his company. It was scary, exciting, sad- complicated.

Normal, he guessed. How long had it been since he'd felt normal? He, who was a freak and a monster? Who just wanted to be a man and a father? So maybe Pam had issues. Who didn't?

So after a couple more technically platonic rendezvous, he'd just said it. Brutish and honest as he ever was- he thought she was a pretty amazing woman and wanted to take her on a date. So she wanted to bring her kid. His face had genuinely brightened up at the idea. He'd never had that fear of children some men developed. He really seemed to consider it a plus, or at least seemed honoured he was allowed to be a part of a family even if only tangentially, briefly.

So the funfair it was, all three of them. Quite a sight. He a huge man whose rough life showed on every inch of him, chiselled and rough, broad and bulky but a smile warm. Beatrix a beauty, he a beast and B.B a baby.

"Alright! So, where we headed to first?" He'd driven them (in a stolen car, but he'd not just snatched it off the street, he had contacts that made sure they wouldn't be stopped for it) and now stood with his elbows easily resting atop the roof of the car. The question had been directed at B.B because at any fair, the driver will be the child, but he turned his looked to Beatrix immediately after too- both making it clear that she was the boss when it came to B.B and also hoping to share the enjoyment of a little girl getting a day out with him.
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[Sandman could in fact not dance the maccarana atop the Empire State Building, because he couldn't dance the maccarana.

He could, however, easily appear at an open window atop an elongated pair of legs and seamlessly slip in a stream of sand into Verity's home. Force of habit as much as anything, his tendency to take the 'back entrance' to anywhere was one of the reasons he was so tricky to catch.

Yo, doll! You around?


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